Four Proven Methods To Help You Speak English

Published: 01st April 2009
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Once you have decided to learn how to speak English, get set to embark on a difficult journey that demands lots of determination and hard work to succeed.

Although English is spoken all around the world, it is still not an easy language to master. However, if you are committed to gain fluency in writing and speaking English, here are 4 methods to give you a good start.

Identify Your Desire To Learn

Before you actually begin the process of learning to speak English, ask yourself if you really want to do so. If you are not exactly enthusiastic about learning the language, you are going to have a tough time. Remember - English is a challenging language that can only be mastered with true dedication.

Also, understand the reason behind your interest by asking yourself why you need to speak English. Will it help you to qualify for a better job? Will it make you a better communicator? No matter what your reasons are, such introspection will help you realize your goal to learn English.

Let Your Goals Be Realistic

Even if you are exceptionally brilliant and highly motivated, you cannot begin to speak English overnight. So set realistic goals that you can gradually realize as you continue to improve your English.

For instance, your initial goal must be to learn some basic vocabulary. Once you meet that goal, proceed with mastering important rules of grammar. After you attain a basic knowledge of English, it is time to set new goals to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Find Time To Practice

Learning to speak English involves lots of practice. Understanding how to practice English is important to master the language. After all, you cannot simply remain home and practice by talking to yourself. You need to find someone - preferably a native speaker - to talk to. Online chat rooms offer a great option when it comes to speaking English with people who are fluent with the language.

Another method to practice is by writing. Whenever the recipient is someone who understands English, write your letters and emails in English. Practicing English writing in real world situations is a great way to determine your communicative abilities.

Surround Yourself With 'English'

This means being fully engrossed in the language - reading, writing, listening and speaking English, whenever possible.
Read English books and listen to songs or news in English. Practice speaking English with someone who knows the language well, to improve your pronunciation. Talking with native speakers enables one to absorb the right accent.

Watching English TV programs and films is one of the best ways to master English. Turn on the closed captioning facility on your TV to have a written confirmation of what you are listening and learning. This approach helps you to pick up slang words and commonly used phrases that may not make sense to most people but are quite frequently used by native speakers.

One final word of advice - whenever you get a chance to speak, write or listen to English, make the most of it. With unfaltering motivation and dedicated practice, you can learn to speak English as well as or even better than a native speaker.

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